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Once again, Mr. Kayani has been elected the Vice Chairman of POEPA (Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association)




Kayani Corporation is a leading government licensed quality-focused manpower recruiting company holding License No. 0650 / RWP, PAKISTAN that specializes in supplying manpower (professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers) 



“At Kayani Corporation we believe in the quality of the process, encouraging excellence, and cultivating enduring relationships. Our goal is to guide client and candidate together. Our success is measured in the partnership we build. We take care to learn your culture, market and mission; this is the first step in our recruiting process. Only by understanding the way you f">Muhammad Zaman Kayani , President Kayani Corporation


Our Vision begins with understanding: knowing the creative mind – knowing the business ethos, and helping the two come together in productive collaboration. We use the dynamic energy to approach the recruitment process with a fresh vision – one that understands the challenges presented by today’s evolving workplace while encouraging synergies among the converging disciplines.

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